The Premium Fashion Tradeshow for
Hight-end Women's Collection

Launched in 2004 by fashion designer Kunee.K, who makes clothes for women’s first three-second image, ENDEHOR is a designer brand with a modern & luxury concept for professional women in their 30s and 50s. Based in Daegu, South Korea, the company has entered Hyundai Department Store Daegu and has secured a wider range of enthusiasts by entering the full-fledged distribution market.

ENDEHOR is strengthening its position as a total fashion brand by carrying out not only women’s clothing such as comfortable and stylish suit suits, active and feminine knit items, but also shoes that can be coordinated together and accessories with designer’s taste.

en dehor is the name of the ballet’s turn movements in French. Kunee.K’s passion to grow into a global luxury brand is evident.

ENDEHOR has been participating in international trade shows since 2005, and has been participating in the Who’s Next exhibition in Paris every year since 2009 and has been receiving favorable reviews from buyers from all over the world, and is continuing to export to Hong Kong, the United States, Japan and Kuwait.
He also participated in the Premium Berlin exhibition held in Germany in June 2012 and the Tranoi Show held at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France in September. Was highly appreciated. Kunee.K is also developing new trends in collaboration with local pattern companies in France to study new patterns.

Kunee.K will continue to pursue the fashion and small quantity production methods that can be tasted in simple and luxurious colors and materials. In addition, by actively participating in overseas exhibitions, the company intends to expand its market in overseas markets by raising awareness in the global market.